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Advantages and disadvantages of homeworks Disadvantages of Homework These are three of those advantages. Imagine being stripped of Because when they have homework almost every day, they will feel tired and bored to do it over and over again. But what effect is this having on our children? The Internet is a collection of various […]

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Mathematics! Is It Really That Important! — Author DC Gilbert


Mathematics is a vital key to success in the world! Math is a methodical explanation of our universe! Math makes our life orderly and helps eliminate chaos. Many human qualities are developed and strengthened by mathematics including the ability to reason, to create, to think abstractly or use spatial thinking, critical thinking skills, and problem-solving abilities. […]

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Why STEM in a sea of other options?

Here’s a catalog of why you need to choose STEM over other subjects:

     1. STEM education molds out critical thinkers as opposed to blind followers.

     2. When science literacy increases it enables the next generation of innovators.

     3. STEM degree holders have higher income in non-STEM careers and become subject-matter experts.

      4. Science, Technological, Engineering, Mathematics workers play a key role in sustained growth and stability of the economy. 

      5. Exposing students to stem and giving them opportunities in stem-related subjects gives them a passion for it and they will hopefully pursue jobs in the field

       6. STEM activities provide hands-on and minds-on lessons for the student.

       7. It goes beyond homework assignments to create better lifestyles, where students look for smarter solutions to problems and scalable options for worldwide issues.